Best Agbada Designs Styles For Men.

You know the saying that ” looking good is good business” is exactly the embodiment of the discourse for today, particularly on the agbada design for men. In the world of fashion, men are elegantly trending with various agbada styles and swag.

On today series we would be discussing on the best agbada design for men, I am going to take you on a tour to various swanky agbada styles that will keep you glued to your device and also get you making arrangements to meet with your designer. Sure, you can’t wait to see the collection. Let’s go!


Best Agbada Designs for Men that would WOW You.

Navy blue long agbada with cute frontal embroidery.

Quiet a class when you see a man of taste and class, it’s not hard to tell. This agbada is so stylish, having that high neck collar with a small button depict royalty. When an agbada of this style is worn to a classy event, it will already announce you as a member of a royal family before your true identity is brought to light. Don’t forget to use it with a soft colour hat to further perfect the outfit.

Short white and black stripes agbada.
Short white and black stripes agbada.


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When worn with either a red or black hat, looks dazzling. A short sleeve buba and trousers made of the same material to that of the agbada gave it a uniform adoration.


Gold long agbada with brown cap

screams wealth rather than style. This is the kind of agbada for men with VIP reservations. This also goes smoothly with a piece of gold jewellery to create the perfection of your fantasy.

Colourful short check agbada with a black cap.

This agbada design for men does look creative and unique from the usual plane agbada material but it is also cute with white and red embroidery. If you like to stand out in an event then add this to the collections in your wardrobe.

Black agbada with stripes hat.

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It is also great to bring to your notice that short sleeve buba is fast trending with short agbada among men. Are you a model or an aspiring model, this is perfect for you, as it will show off those strong biceps leaving your admirers gaze glue to you on the runway or in an event.

Black short agbada with a cream coloured hat.

Are you the kind of guy that likes to go simple, this black agbada and embroidery bearing white pattern design is exactly what will suit your personality.

Creamy and brown agbada with black sophisticated embroidery.

Elegance reflects in every stitch of this agbada from up to down. If you must get something this elegant, oh yes! You need a professional designer.

Navy blue agbada with gold buba and trouser.

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Agbada of this design just keeps the mind racing back and forth, the embroidery design on the agbada is the same with that on the hat. Look further no more, if you love to look unique and soft.


 Some Collections Of Agbada Styles 

Quite sure you will find something that suits your lifestyle.

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