Best Trending Nigerian Men’s Wear 2019

Nigerian men are known for great fashion sense, as a matter of fact, they inspire other African men when it comes to fashion. It is known that a man with a good fashion sense is often according to respect compared to his mates that are not kin on looking good.

In recent times, the fashion in Nigeria trend in Nigeria has gained recognition both continentally and global because of the creativity of Nigeria fashion designers as well as that of Nigerian men who knows how to combine wears to create something new and attractive. Some of these wears are made from local fabrics, Ankara and even foreign plane and well-patterned material to give Stylish and elegant wears. The best Nigerian men wear has been selected for your exploitation.

Top Trending Nigerian Mens  Wears

Ankara waistcoat and suit

Ankara waistcoat and suit goes perfectly for any official event, religion functions, and even a date, worn with a trouser and a stylish pair of shoe to match.

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nigerian mens wear


Dashiki Patchwork Shirt and Pant.

Dashiki is yet another trending fashion among Nigeria men, though dashiki has been worn stylishly by individual according to his fashion taste, but here is another stunning design that will have started giving amazing looks to our Nigeria men. This design is a combination of plain material and the Ankara fabrics, it looks really fascinating and stunning. A trial will definitely convince you.

 nigerian mens wear 

Blazer worn with Ankara Pant and bow tie.

Gone are the days when blazers were worn with T-shirt and pants, Nigerian men have started rocking Ankara Pant and bow tie with a white T-shirt and blazers, giving soft look. If you are looking to try out new wears, you might want to try out this.

nigerian mens wear


 Ankara blazer with racing stripes pant.

Ankara blazer is the talk of the town and guess what? It is worn by big boys. This combo is so swanky, this is owing to the colourful patterns Ankara and the unique stripes on the side of the pants. It is suitable for all events.

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nigerian mens wear



nigerian mens wear

T-shirt on Ankara Pens trousers.

This is quite trending among the younger men, it’s more of casual wear with few accessories. It’s simple yet cool.

nigerian mens wear



Senator is one of the traditional wears but it’s the most trending of them all. It is mostly worn for high profile events such as weddings, red carpet events, political meetings, etc. 



Agbada is a very popular wear among men for different prestigious occasions most especially wedding ceremonies. It is worn by both the old and young, it always gives a classical appealing looks.

nigerian mens wear








This is quite unique owing to the gorgeous embroidery artwork on it from the neck to the chest and on the arm. Kaftan is mostly common among mid-age men, it is mature and it symbolizes braveness.

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 nigerian mens wear 



 Polo and Pant with jacket.

This is more of casual wear among guys. It shows the simplicity and makes guys look presentable.








 Vintage shirt and crazy jeans.

Shirts of varying colours and designs are called vintage shirt, it is best worn on Jean trousers. Since crazy jean is in vogue, guys now do more of crazy jeans and vintage shirt.



 nigerian mens wear







We have vividly selected the trending fashion among the middle age and the older men for your admiration, both local and foreign designs. Yes! These are the in-vogue collections, you may want one or two of them to your wardrobe.

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