Nigerian Men Wear to give You That Nigerian Masculine Feel

There is no doubt that Nigeria men are generally fashion conscious, irrespective of age, religion or occupation.

We can not talk of wears for Nigerian men without mentioning agbada, Senator, Dashiki, Ankara and others like mixed Ankara shirt.

5 Nigerian Men Wears  Style for A Smart Outlook


Agbada is a 3 piece wear, a trouser, top (buna in the Yoruba language) and the overflowing embroidery attire worn on top. Agbada is originated from the Yoruba people in Nigeria. It was usually worn by kings and chiefs in the ancient time in Yoruba land but it is now worn by every tribe both the old and young men. Agbada is worn for prominent occasions such as weddings and other high profile events.


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Senator is another Nigerian men wear, it was usually worn by the highly profiled men especially the politicians.

It is usually sewn with strong suit material of varying colours with different forms of frontal design adoring the attire, also having the trouser sewn from the same material to match. Senator was originated from Niger Delta region of Nigeria, it it usually worn with a breast chain, though it is still worn with or without chain, depending on an individual taste.



Dashiki is yet another nice wear, having embroidery designs from the neck down to the chest region. It can be worn to the office, casuals, hang out etc.

Dashiki can be worn with chinos trousers, Jean or material suit trousers for a handsome and swanky look.

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Atiku is similar to senator but has lesser frontal design, the material use is lighter compare to that used in making sure senator. It comes in various colours and suitable to wear in just any occasion.



Ankara is a lovely and well-patterned material, it is one of the in-vogue material of our time that is making waves in the fashion industry, this is also owing to its different colourful designs. Ankara may be combined with English wears like polo, T-shirt or even suit to give a smart cutie presence.

Wow! These styles are breathtaking, you would agree with me that Nigeria men love fashion and they go all out for it and here is an opportunity for you to join the trend of cute looking fashionistas.

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