Stunning Nigerian Bridal Train Dresses (Aso Ebi)

Although the bride is usually the centre of attention on her own wedding day, however, she will want her bridal train to look beautiful as well. Mostly, the bride had to choose a good enough colour for her bridal train which is usually part of the colour selected by the couple for their memorable event, it is usually referred as “colour of the day”. On today’s discourse, we will be looking through various selected bridal train dresses ( Aso ebi girls) that will give a variety of options to choose from for your happy day.

1.Fuschia bridal train long dresses.


A long fuschia flowing gown with gathers will look great on the bridal train. This colour and style will compliment the bridal ‘s white.

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2.Lilac off shoulder elegant dresses.

Looking for something calm and sexy for your bridal train? A style like this is just what you need. Your pretty ladies will not only look elegant but adorable too.



3.Elegant pink dresses.

A gown with the skilful and creative rating adorn with red roses is quite swanky for your bridal train dresses.


4.Minty green single shoulder dresses.

Hmmm…, The confidence you will feel cannot be overrated having your bridal train in this dresses. It is indeed a hedonism kind of feel.

5.Purple and patterned material bridal train stylish dresses.

It is the dream of every woman to be ushered to the aisle in such glamour. A bridal train of this design will make that expectation jump into reality.

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6.Minty green lacy dresses.

Beauties of all skin colour types will all blend into a bridal dress such as this.


7.Purple dresses with silver rhinestone beads one shoulder.

Are you a purple lover? Purple bridal train dresses combine with a silver rhinestone to intensify it’s with worthy admiration.

8.Catchy yellow short gowns.

A short yellow gown yet posh will also be a good idea for your bridal train dresses.


9.Royal blue chiffon long gown with bling silver beads.


Beauty is defined in this bridal train dresses. It uniqueness amongst others is convincingly irresistible. this will undoubtedly leave your bridal train ravishing.

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10.Wine colour long sleeve dresses.

Well fitted wine colour dresses for angelic queens is a good combination with the bride’s white gown.

11.Peach netty bridesmaids dresses.

Here is a colour I consider calm and tremendous, not everyone likes it flashy or bright, a peach netty dress creatively sewn will give the desired result, yet seductive apparel.

Now that we have taken a look at different bridal train dresses, hope you have been able to make a good choice. On today’s episode here is where we will close the curtain.

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