Best Nigerian Traditional Wear For Men

To a great extent, Nigerian men are becoming more fashionista as the day go by, Even the traditional wears come with varieties of designs and styles. The Major ethnic group which is the Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa in Nigeria come are giving fashion a chance to influence its native wears, This post highlights some Nigerian traditional wear of the three major ethnic groups.


Best Nigerian traditional wear For  Igbo Men

The Igbo traditional attire for men very unique and possessed distance words for dignitaries people with honourable titles which differ greatly from the costume of all the people one of the most interesting accessories of the traditional Igbo attire is the walking stick this is a symbol of strength and wealth and without it an Igbo man made just seems incomplete the materials which are usually drawn on such attires are usually crowns, lions, sword, horse or other animals that are tributes to muscularity.

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The ishiagu comes with vivid patterns comes in different size of sleeves and different length this particular traditional Igbo where is awful one at special event large-scale festival the decoration of this Igbo traditional attire is usually good button and chain this attire is usually born in prehistoric times by the leader of the tribe but today the indigo attire is worn by Nigerian men of different status the best addition to the ishiagu attire is a red cap and a wrapper to match





Best Nigerian traditional wear For  Hausa Men

The Hausa ethnic group occupies the Northern Part of Nigeria with Islam as the predominant religion, Hausa traditional wears is similar to the popular Agbada worn by the Yorubas but the only difference is that it is called Babban Riga which means Kings of Clothing when translated. This Dressing is Usually coupled with the fula cap to match.

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A typical Example is the clothing President Muhamed Buhari Put on all the time.

Best Styles for Babaringa clothing are shown below




Best Nigerian traditional wear For  Yoruba Men

The usually traditional attire for Yoruba men is the Abada clothing which comes in different stles and designs .

Below are some incredible designs :


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