18 Best Haircut Styles For Black Men

Choosing a haircut that fits the face and head shape can be a bit tricky. Having a lot of hairstyles to choose from with good haircuts for medium, short and long hair, choose making at the barbershop can be tedious.

For you to look fresh and clean in 2019, all you have to do is check out the latest cool haircuts which include afro, flat tops, curls, dreads, mohawks, frohawks and line up haircuts. Freestyling with taper face on the side will also give cutie look.

 Best Haircut Styles For Black Men

Taper afro with fades




Red curly faux hawk


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 best haircut styles for black men



Low afro + frontal design + minor beard fade.



Low cut + temple fade + beard fade



 best haircut styles for black men


Low afro fade + temple design


Clean cut and beard

 best haircut styles for black men



Low afro fade + short twist + beard

 best haircut styles for black men


Shape up and 360 waves

Curly afro and fade


Low afro fade and long twist



High top fade and shape up


High Drop fade + crew cut + beard fade


Waves + skin fade + beard


Low cut fade + full beard fade



Afro twist + temple fade + beard



Curly low cut fade and clean beard


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Waves faded



Line up haircut



Line up and buzz cut are simple yet cool short hair cut, quite a renounce one in the barber shop, mostly paired with a taper fade on the sides. It gives women quite a chill for soft guys.

You can also incorporate colour like gold, wine or grey into the haircut, this looks fascinating for guys that are lovers of coloured hair.




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