Top Trendy African Hairstyles for Ladies

The first thing people notice after your face is your hair and that’s the reason appropriate care has to given to the hair. It is the way one looks that one will be addressed.

The African hair texture looks completely unique from the other continents, hence they struggle with understanding the nature of the African hair. The African hair has been described with different words such as spiralled, afro, kinky and other inappropriate words The Afro- texture is a blessing as you can do just about anything with it. Though not everybody comprehends the beauty of the hairstyles for African women, so natural and can be explored. since any style can be made from it, here are some you can select from next time you visit the salon.

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African Hairstyles for Ladies 2019

Weavon hairstyles

Weavons remains extremely popular among ladies in Africa especially Nigeria. Weapons are usually cool be it full fringe, side fringe, curly, straight, short or long. It could be worn as a wig or fixed on the natural hair, either way, weavons looks glowing on any lady. Weavons comes in synthetic and human hair such as the Brazilian, Peruvian, Italian hair etc. It comes in single colours and others may be mixed with two or more colours.

 Synthetic attachments

Synthetic attachments are composed of fine plastics fibres, manufactured to look like human hair. In its basic form, synthetic hair is made from low- grade acrylic that is heated and string into strands to make individual hair fibres. The strands are then laced or tied into extensions and hair pieces. Now that we know the origin of the synthetic attachments we use in our beauty salons, it will also interest you to know that most of the synthetic attachments produced are look-alikes to the human hair such as Brazilian, Italian, Indian hair etc. Some many styles have been creatively discovered from this attachment, we shall outline them carefully for vivid understanding.

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Ghana Weaving



Kinky is another type of synthetic African hairstyles for ladies but it looks more natural like the African human hair. One can grow the natural hair very long in other to explore with it whatever hairstyle desires or go for the synthetic kinky. It suitable for braiding, weaving, afro, twisting or anything at all.


All the hairstyles shown are good for all event type, it all depends on how you carry yourself.

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