Top 10 African Fashion Magazine

Fashion in African is taking on a drastic turn around from what it used to be in the twentieth century and because of this change in the fashion in Africa, many magazines have sprung up and so many are still been introduced to the market, the competition fast growing in the fashion magazine industry. However, there is a fashion magazine that has rapidly taken a place at the top of the list and they are competing very well with a foreign fashion magazine.

  1. Couture African

  1. Zen Magazine Africa

  1. DN African Fashion


  1. Fashion Ghana


  1. New African Magazine

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  1. Glam African

  1. True love


  1. Afro Style







  1. African Vogue







  1. Arise



It can only get better for these magazines if they keep up with the good works, you know why?  Of coz, they ‘ve got all the trending stuff about fashion in Africa. May God bless Africa!.

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